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When you are injured because of a defective condition on public or private property (such as a defective sidewalk, broken stairs, etc.), and the owner of the property knew or should have known of the defective and dangerous condition, then you need a great Bay Area Personal Injury Attorney like Matt Wertheim to represent you in your claim for damages.

Often the property owner will claim they did not know of the defect or that they thought the defect was/is trivial such that there is no liability/responsibility.

Photographs should be immediately taken before the defect is fixed. Your injuries need to be treated by a good doctor, chiropractor, and/or physical therapist...and you would do well to consider hiring an experienced lawyer like Matt Wertheim.

"Matt was referred to me by a friend after I was injured in a building. This was the first time I had engaged a lawyer for any matter and Matt was very good in analyzing the situation, explaining the alternative courses of action and setting expectations with respect to future actions and possible results. Matt submitted claims and negotiated on my behalf with multiple parties and the matter was resolved without litigation. Matt kept me appropriately informed and involved all along the way." -Kathy B in San Francisco

"I was walking down the street on my way to get my hair done and tripped and fell over a raised and broken piece of concrete. I broke my femur and it required three surgical procedures to fix. I am an attorney, but did not know where to turn. Luckily, a colleague recommended Matt Wertheim. Matt warned me that I had a tough case and might not recover anything.

However, after 1 1/2 years of litigation and right before trial, my case settled for close to $300,000. Matt made sure we preserved the evidence, hired all the right experts, and really helped prepare me for the whole process, including my deposition, and the mediation. I always felt comfortable throughout the process because Matt kept me well informed and always responded quickly and clearly to all my questions.

Matt Wertheim is a true professional and I am lucky to have had him represent me on a difficult premises liability case." -Betty in San Francisco

Examples of just a few successes thanks to the expertise of Matt Wertheim & Associates:

  • Trip and fall in hardware store parking lot over faded speed bump that caused elderly client to sustain Subdural hematoma. Case settled at Mediation for large six-figure amount.
  • Trip and fall claims against both private property owners involving defective lawns/stairs/other conditions and against public entities for unsafe/dangerous sidewalk conditions.
  • Dangerous conditions at hotels. Matt reached a settlement with a hotel for defective chair causing injury to Boston-based dentist, and for improper and negligent set-up for large San Francisco wedding that caused elderly attendee to fall and break her hip.
  • Matt has obtained settlements for multiple residential clients injured from exposure to toxic mold.

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