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Matt Wertheim - San Francisco/Bay Area Personal Injury Lawyer with over 25 years experience

Having an experienced personal injury attorney advocate and fight for your rights when you have been injured due to the fault of another can make all the difference in the world.

For the past 25 years, San Francisco personal injury lawyer, Matt Wertheim, has brought thousands of personal injury claims to conclusion either through trial, arbitration, or mediation and has collected millions of dollars in settlements for clients in cases involving automobile accidents (including big trucks), bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slips and falls, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

While our San Francisco, California personal injury law firm focuses primarily on local cases, we do travel throughout California for serious injury and wrongful death claims. Mr. Wertheim is pleased to offer a free consultation to all prospective clients. You have the choice of meeting in person in San Francisco, Marin County, nearby or over the telephone. If you are unable to travel, Matt Wertheim will come to you. Mr. Wertheim handles all of his clients on an individual basis and is extremely diligent in returning all calls within 24 hours. He will make himself available at a time convenient for you.

The goal is to give personal attention and to achieve the largest settlement possible for our personal injury clients in California.

If you have been injured in an automobile, bicycle, motorcycle or other accident or if you have been a victim of an animal attack, you have legal rights and are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and for your pain and suffering. Your claim will not be shuffled off to paralegals and clerks after your initial consultation with Mr. Wertheim. Matt Wertheim personally handles your case including all telephone calls, correspondence and communications with clients, their medical providers, insurance companies (both client's and opposing parties') and , of course, with all other attorneys working on the case.

Mr. Wertheim often works with clients who have never had any prior encounters with the legal system, so he strives to educate his clients, keep them up to date with the proceedings, and outline the entire timeline for the case so his clients all feel comfortable, relaxed, and do not suffer any added stress beyond that caused by the client's injuries and the impact they have had on the client's life. With continual communication between the attorney and client, a true team relationship is developed which promotes knowledgeable and effective settlements. If the insurance company or uninsured/underinsured defendant is not fair in its evaluation of the client's claim, then Matt has the trial experience to get a great result from a jury.  

There is no fee to the client until we are successful in settling your personal injury claim.

San Francisco personal injury attorney Matt Wertheim will advance all costs necessary to pursue your claim and will only receive a fee if he obtains a settlement on the client's behalf. See types of fee agreements for personal injury matters. Hire a local professional with a proven tract record and the highest AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell. Contact Matt Wertheim regarding your case or the case of someone you love.

For personal injury cases, Matt Wertheim primarily represents Claimants/Plaintiffs (the injured person(s).  He has also been hired by defendants/high net worth individuals/families when they either are sued personally, are underinsured and/or want to make sure that their insurance company "appointed counsel" is providing the best possible defense. Matt knows that representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants sharpens his skills and makes him a better lawyer regardless of which side he is on, as anticipating the opposing lawyer's next move (based on current analysis or previous experience) is invaluable in helping to achieve the best possible result for clients. As a litigator, advisor, or mediator, Matt's counsel has been invaluable to those who have sought it out and who have relied on him.

Matt has represented injured persons obtaining multiple jury verdicts and hundreds of out-of-court settlements in amounts that total in the millions of dollars. See the Top 5 things you should do if you are injured in an accident.

Many of Matt's cases have resulted in resolutions wherein the policy limits were obtained from the third party tortfeasor's insurer and claims were subsequently made for underinsured motorist coverage.

Matt has represented persons who have sustained catastrophic injuries and death due to:

Don't make the mistake of attempting to handle the case on your own without first speaking to a qualified personal injury attorney.

There are very serious mistakes that can be made in the initial stages of the claim by simply "cooperating" with the responsible insurance carrier. You should not give any "off the record" or "recorded statement" to anyone until you have consulted with an attorney. When you consult an attorney the communication is privileged and cannot later be used against you should your case go before a jury. Remember, insurance companies are in the business of trying to pay only what is "fair" which to the insurance companies translates to "as little as possible." Often the insurance company will have its own financial interest in mind when attempting to first take your statement, when they try to settle your claim, and what you say and how you first say it could impact how the insurance company evaluates your case/claim.

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. See disclaimer.